Regarding The Path Again. It’s the period of the year again.

 Regarding The Path Again. It’s the period of the year again. Time for our admission staff to leave the comfort of our cozy office and go to high schools, college fairs, and attend admission programs all around the world! This fall we’re packing our suitcases, jumping on planes, and visiting more than 2000 high schools and over 300 college fairs in 45 states and 10 different nations. We will additionally be hosting 27 admission receptions through the United States and abroad.

On a normal day, your counselors visits anywhere from 3-5 high schools, and on some nights we attend college fairs after having a complete day of visits. Final autumn, I physically visited 82 high schools in 3 various states and logged over 3,500 miles on my cars that are rental! The truth is, we am a nerd and I kept track. As demanding as our fall schedules might be, it will always be enjoyable to go on the road and meet with excited students and families, and it’s constantly nice to place a real face to a software.

I certainly don’t visit all of them; our office has an assigned admission counselor for every high school in not only the US but also the world while I do visit quite a few schools. If you’d like to learn which of our admission team is going to be working with students from your own high school or community college, it is possible to see the Find My Counselor web page on our admission website. Additionally, if you would like to discover only a little bit more about our staff you should check out our biographies on the Meet the Counselors page.

Therapist Conferences

Counselor Fly-In Lunch

If you’re a high college senior, I’m sure there is a great deal in your head now. Studying for AP classes. Going to soccer games. Preparing to end one chapter in your daily life and begin the next exciting chapter- college.

You likely have numerous questions regarding the school application process, too. How numerous colleges should I apply to? What should my essay be about? Exactly what are universities REALLY looking?

Whether you’re signing up to 4 or 14 universities, your high school counselor can be one of your biggest resources through the entire process. These professionals can often proofread your essays, assist send your highschool transcripts to your appropriate colleges, and answer other questions that could come up. As admission counselors, we regularly connect to your counselors throughout every season. I keep in touch with a few of the counselors in my area frequently- visiting their high school, learning about changes to the curriculum, and maintaining them updated with USC activities happening round the world, like the upcoming Discover USC off-campus receptions.

Last week, we hosted 35 school that is high on our campus from 22 different states and 2 other nations. These counselors toured campus, heard from current USC students, and explored places just like the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles. The high school counselors weren’t the only real ones learning new things—I learned more in regards to the high schools we use, just what pupils are like at their school, as well as other tidbits offering understanding in to the context of the high schools I work with. I especially appreciate getting tips for where to eat once I’m visiting different urban centers, too!

Through the entire fall, we also host”> approximately 800 counselors on campus for the senior high school counselor conference and community university conference. Additionally, we make an effort to achieve counselors through the quarterly counselor newsletter that is delivered to over 6,000 counselors. We understand that using to college requires admission counselors to get results closely with our counterparts at high schools and community universities, and that’s why we communicate frequently.

Whether a counselor from your school has visited our campus or not, they wish to help answer your questions about USC and other colleges that you’re interested in. Allow it to be a spot to cease by your counselor’s office throughout your year that is senior or before you become a senior. They have been bound to have recommendations of colleges that will be a great fit for you. Counselors may also direct one to scholarship that is various or college fairs happening in your neighborhood. Signing up to college may be overwhelming, however it doesn’t have to be.

A in the Life of an Admission Counselor day

It’s officially fall, which means most college admission counselors are out traveling around the country and meeting with potential students. A typical day for me goes something like this: wake up before 7am, see 4 high schools throughout the day, maybe squeeze in a late lunch or nap, head to a college fair, try to eat a healthier dinner, sleep in a hotel, repeat. It could be a grueling schedule, particularly being abroad for two to three months at any given time. Fortunately, it is the little things that keep us sane on your way.

This fall, I was already at the Mall of America taking advantage of this local wonder within an hour of landing in Minneapolis. The next day, we headed to the grocery store that is nearest to acquire some of the cherry and chocolate trail mix that we was indeed craving since final fall and certainly will just find in Minnesota. A lot of my colleagues have their own restaurants that are favorite attractions in the areas they travel to, too. One co-worker has a knack for getting a Chick-fil-A wherever he goes, while other people decide to try to obtain the quintessential local restaurant to seriously immerse the experience up to be in a brand new city. Yes, the little things surely help make our trips enjoyable!

Although traveling usually takes a toll, it is found by me particularly fulfilling to meet with students. When I’m interacting with students who are truly interested in USC and not trying to skip a math test, it creates my job much easier and also makes my time more enjoyable. Whenever you see me or one of my colleagues at your high school, a college fair, or a meeting, do not hesitate to approach us and acquire your questions answered about USC. More than any such thing else, we should be sure that our check out to your neighborhood is helpful for you! But, if additionally you want to supply some suggestions up for local eateries or attractions, we could positively use the advice!